Barb Wire Fence – An Effective Security Measure

Barbwire fence is one the most traditional method employed for protecting property. Barbed wire is basically a steel wire with sharp edges, at regular intervals. These wires were primarily used in military security fencing, but over time due to their usefulness, they are manufactured in bulk quantities for residential, commercial and industrial purposes as well. They are also used in agriculture farms to guard the animals on the perimeter.
The barbed fence is very cost-effective, and its installation is very convenient as well. Services of some expert can be acquired to install these wires, but the owner can also do the installation himself. Since these wires have sharp edges, they can cut through the skin causing severe injury. It is mandatory for the installer to make use of right tools and use proper safety gadgets so that injuries can be avoided.
These wires come in different thickness ranging from high tensile strength to low tensile strength. These different strengths can be selected depending on the need of the place. For example in the case of residential use, tensile strength is not kept strong, unlike in farming sites, where high tensile strength is used. The reason is that in farms, these wires are fixed to keep the perimeter safe from trespassing by animals or human beings. When installed in residential buildings proper education is given to residents and children to keep a distance from wires since they can cause injury.
In the installation of these fences, wooden posts are used. There are certain places where these barb wire fences are installed over a stone wall, and this is to make the wall structure invincible from any intrusion. One major feature of these wires is that they cannot be easily climbed over without sustaining any injury.
Thus if you are looking to have an effective security boundary around your buildings or property, a barbwire fence is a good choice. Fence Company