How to Repair Damaged Roof Shingles

One of the most crucial repairs in your home is roof repair. Maintaining a sound roof is necessary to keep you and your family dry and warm, as well as everything in the house. If you detect any signs of wear or damages, you should take immediate action to repair the roof so as to avoid water sipping in and rotting the wood sheathing.

In order to avoid the need to reroof and spend a lot of money on the new roof, you should never ignore any roof problems. This article explores the steps involve in fixing shingles. For more information, you can read more on this here.

Check for any damages directly above where the leaking point. This easier to locate on a flat roof but in case the roof is slanted you should inspect the area that are higher from where the leak is coming in. You can also go online and find more ways on how to find leaking points if you have a different type of roof.

Once you have found the leaking point, you should then look out for curled, damaged or missing shingles at that area. You should also look keenly for any exposed roofing tacks.

If the shingles are completely damaged, you can replace them by lifting them by their edges and prying out the nail.

Repairing a Leaky Shingle

Hey guys – most likely you’ve experienced a leaky roof at one point.  This first blog post is a helpful video by Fox Know How that shows you how to repair a shingle yourself.  Remember, always be safe when you’re working on your roof, and if you’re in doubt call the pros!